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More than 50 Fortune Global 500 companies use MEPS steel price data to negotiate prices and gain a competitive advantage. Our research is fully independent, with no affiliation to any steel buying or selling organisations. Our steel price data covers all major products across 28 countries and 5 continents.

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MEPS is a world leading independent supplier of valuable steel market data and information. We offer businesses, big and small, unique and competitive insight into steel prices, production and consumption. We provide our customers with the most complete steel market analysis in the world.

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  • Independently researched benchmark steel prices and indices, covering all major carbon steel and stainless steel products.
  • 12-month regional steel price forecasts across a range of steel products.
  • Clear, concise monthly steel reviews offering detailed market analysis of flat and long products in 28 countries.
  • The latest 5-year forecasts for international steel production and prices.

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