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The MEPS verification checkmark indicates that this steel price data has been carefully verified by our independent steel analysts.

We've spent decades building strong relationships with many of the biggest steel buying companies to ensure accuracy and reliability so that your business can make informed decisions based on steel data you can trust.

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The MEPS Stainless Steel Review is an invaluable monthly guide to international stainless steel prices and includes the latest global stainless steel industry analysis.

You will receive a monthly publication featuring an abundance of primary research, professional analysis and country-specific benchmark stainless steel prices. The guide is concise, user-friendly and aims to help you negotiate prices with your customers and suppliers, as well as understand the latest factors influencing the stainless steel market.

What you get with your 12-month subscription

With your MEPS Stainless Steel Review subscription, you will receive the latest international stainless steel industry prices and market news.

The publication covers the USA, ChinaJapanSouth Korea and Taiwan, in addition to the European steelmaking states of Germany, the UK, ItalyFrance, SpainSweden, Denmark, and the Netherlands.

You will receive 12 monthly PDFs by email, with accompanying Excel files, covering the following and more: 

  • Negotiated stainless steel basis and transaction price trends
  • 6-month stainless steel price forecasts
  • Latest stainless steel alloy surcharges
  • Comparison of negotiated domestic transaction prices for austenitic and ferritic stainless steel products
  • MEPS regional average stainless steel prices

You can subscribe to the MEPS Stainless Steel Review for GBP 1460 annually (price for a single-user licence). You can also request a free sample publication.

Our subscribers get exclusive access to independently researched data that cannot be found anywhere else.

The price on this page is for a single-user licence. To purchase a multi-user licence or bespoke company licence please contact us.

The full range of stainless steel products

In the MEPS Stainless Steel Review, you get exclusive access to independently researched stainless steel prices and industry analysis for key products.

Flat products

  • Cold Rolled Coil - 304, 316 & 430
  • Hot Rolled Coil - 304 & 316
  • Hot Rolled Plate - 304 & 316

Long products

  • Bright Drawn Bar - 304 & 316
  • Hot Rolled Peeled Bar - 304 & 316

MEPS Add-ons

You can tailor the MEPS Stainless Steel Review to suit your requirements with MEPS Add-ons:

  • MEPS History (GBP 350): Receive five full years of historical data for specific stainless steel products.
  • MEPS Premium (GBP 680): Receive 6-month stainless steel price forecasts each month for Europe, North America, Asia and the World.

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