If you are interested in purchasing the data-tables for prices, indices or forecasts, you will need to set up an account on the MEPS Portal. Please fill in the registration form hereOnce registered, you can browse our product catalogue and purchase data-sets to suit your requirements. 

If you need more comprehensive insight into the steel market and would therefore like to purchase one of our Monthly Steel Reviews or Steel Outlooks then you can fill in an order form here. A member of our team will be in touch to confirm your order. 

To renew your MEPS Portal subscription please log into your account here: https://portal.meps.co.uk/

Once logged in, browse your way to your list of subscriptions by clicking the orange button labelled ‘my subscriptions’. Here you can click renew all at the top of the list. This will add all products due for renewal into your basket. Click on the basket icon at the top right of the screen and follow the onscreen prompts to make a payment or create an invoice to pay by bank transfer. Alternatively, you can contact us and one of our team members will raise the relevant invoice for your renewal. 

Please note there is a £40 non-card payment fee if you decide to pay by bank transfer.

If you wish to renew a subscription to one of our publications a member of our team will be in touch two months before your expiry date.

For instant access to the data purchased through the MEPS Portal, payment should be made via the website using a credit card. Alternatively, an invoice can be raised for payment to be made by direct bank transfer.

Please note there is a £40 non-card payment fee if you decide to pay by bank transfer.

To request a secure link to make payment by credit card please contact us. Remember to quote your invoice number with your request.

The cost of a subscription depends on the products you wish to purchase. We have a large catalogue of steel price information available.

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Please contact a member of our sales team for help making the correct purchase for your needs.

Our publication service is not currently available via the MEPS Portal. The monthly reports are sent as PDFs via email direct to your inbox, you do not need a username or password. In the future we hope to allow customers to access their reports via the portal.