Monthly Steel Reviews

Welcome to MEPS Monthly Steel Reviews. This is our exclusive series of publications that give you the latest steel product prices, indices, forecasts and analysis of supply and demand across the global steel industry.

Our publications are concise, easy to use and contain valuable independent primary research and commentary that is exclusive to subscribers. MEPS benchmark prices are widely used in the steel industry. A subscription to a MEPS Monthly Steel Review can help you negotiate prices with your customers and suppliers. It also advises you on which factors are currently influencing international steel markets, and what you can expect in the near future.

With your annual subscription, you will receive 12 monthly PDFs by email, with accompanying Excel files. Find out more by selecting a Monthly Steel Review below.

About our Monthly Steel Reviews

MEPS offers the most detailed and dependable steel market analysis in the world – spanning twenty-eight countries and five continents. Our steel prices, indices and forecasts are competitively priced and are accessible and applicable to both large, multinational companies, as well as local manufacturers.

  • European Steel Review: Negotiated domestic basis prices and transaction price data for European flat and long steel products.

  • International Steel Review: Domestic transaction steel prices and forecasts across the world, covering 70% of the world’s steel consumption.

  • Stainless Steel Review: Negotiated stainless steel basis and transaction price trends and forecasts, across multiple flat and long products.

  • Semi-Finished Steel Review: Domestic, import and export steel slab, bloom and billet prices and trends across important international markets.

  • Ferrous Scrap Review: Domestic and international ferrous scrap prices and trends, including steelmaking raw materials.

MEPS Add-ons

You can enhance your annual subscription to one of MEPS Monthly Steel Review with MEPS Add-ons. These are optional extras which you can add to your subscription, depending on your requirements.

  • MEPS Express: Receive the latest steel price data in Excel a full week before the dispatch of the PDF review.
  • MEPS History: Receive five full years of historical steel price data in Excel along with your main PDF publication.
  • MEPS Premium: Receive 6-month price forecasts each month for Europe, North America, Asia and the World.

MEPS Add-ons are available for selected Monthly Steel Reviews. Select your publication above for more information on which MEPS Add-ons are available and how much they cost.

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