MEPS Steel Price Outlook

MEPS Steel Price Outlook is a comprehensive long-term forecast report that provides you with the latest 5-year predictions for steel prices and production. 

MEPS Steel Price Outlook is a report with data focusing on Europe, North America and Asia, respectively. Here you will find five-year flat and long product steel price forecasts, as well as the latest steelmaking raw material cost projections. Unlike other MEPS Publications, these are published annually, at end of the calendar year. 

Our Steel Price Outlook gives you the latest analysis with unparalleled detail, whatever your business size or industry. Our forecasts are prepared by our dedicated team of expert steel market analysts.

Key Features of MEPS Steel Price Outlook

  • 5-year forecasts for carbon steel prices.
  • Contains short-term and long-term future price trends for flat and long products, as well as steelmaking raw materials.
  • Covers the three main steel-producing regions of Europe, Asia or North America.