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Welcome to MEPS Steel Price Forecasts, where you will find expertly formulated and dependable 12-month worldwide steel price forecasts across a range of Carbon Steel products.

With MEPS Steel Forecasts, you only pay for the steel products that you are interested in. We pride ourselves in delivering reliable steel price forecasts that are essential to both multinational corporations and local manufacturing businesses.

Find out more and get the latest steel price forecasts by selecting your preferred option below, or by selecting a product category and region at the top of this page. You receive 5 years of historical data as standard with your subscription. All subscription rates are for a single-user licence. Multi-user licences are also available. To discuss company licence options, please contact us.

  • GBP 450 per steel product (single-user licence)
  • 12 month forecasts for individual steel products
  • Latest prices updated monthly
  • 5 years historical data included
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All Products Composite Prices 

MEPS regional average all products composite prices are computed from a weighted average of prices for all carbon steel products in the flat and long categories. The weighting is based on the consumption of individual steel products in a specified region. Prices are collected in the appropriate local currency and converted into US dollars to provide a basis for comparison.