Speaking of Steel Podcast Ep.1: EU import safeguards

10th July 2024

MEPS International’s new Speaking of Steel podcast has heard how the July 1 amendments to the EU’s steel import safeguard measures effectively “changed the rules of the game, during the game”.

Appearing in the first episode of the free-to-access podcast, MEPS steel market analyst Chris Jackson said that many European steel buyers felt that the new 15% cap on the measures' “other countries” hot rolled coil quota was “unfair in terms of its timing”.  

Commenting on this month’s ‘hot topic’ Jackson said: “It’s certainly been a major talking point – maybe a bone of contention – among the hot rolled coil buyers that we talk to across Europe. 

“The situation has been quite fluid. (Steel buyers) have had to change and react very quickly to, firstly the speculation about the ‘other countries’ cap, and now the implementation of that cap.” 

He added: “Market respondents have mentioned to us that they feel the changes were a little unjust, maybe a little unfair in terms of their timing, in that a lot of material was already in European ports or already on vessels heading to Europe.” 

The first episode of Speaking of Steel is now in the following places (click the link for access): 



In the studio for this episode of Speaking of Steel are MEPS head of price analysis and forecasts Kaye Ayub and steel market analysts Jonathan Carruthers-Green and Chris Jackson. The podcast is hosted by MEPS managing editor Tom Sharpe. 

Each episode of Speaking of Steel will feature insight and analysis on a topic influencing steel prices, supply and demand in key markets covered by MEPS’s global research. 

Furthermore, MEPS subscribers will gain access to a Speaking of Steel market summary, filmed alongside each month’s episode, which focuses on a specific area of insight from one of MEPS’s steel market review publications. 

Listen or view episode one to benefit from:

  • Insight into changes to the EU and UK import safeguard measures.
  • MEPS analysts’ views on the changes’ influence on supply and steel prices.
  • Reports from the market: steel buyers’ response to safeguard changes.
  • Predictions of price trends during the remainder of 2024. 
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